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Terms and Conditions

updated on september 2018

The app is offered by Deutsche Lifestyle Group GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "DLG").
The use of the app requires that you agree to the following terms of use. Please read them carefully.

1. General information on use
Use of the application is free of charge and does not require registration or a password. Within the applications, the user will be offered further offers or additional functions that extend the scope of the application or adapt the application as a whole to the wishes of the user. If the user takes advantage of offers within the app, billing is carried out via the respective app store (in-app purchases) or alternatively via the payment service offered in the app.
The app provides you with various books on health and fitness topics.
Details on the purchase of books can be found in point 2.
The contents contained in the app are restricted to personal use, unless there are legal exceptions. By downloading the app you do not acquire any copyrights or industrial property rights, unless they have been explicitly granted to you.
The App and its functions may not be used in an abusive manner. Please use the app only to the extent permitted by law and in accordance with our terms of use. DLG reserves the right to exclude you from using the App if you violate any applicable "German law" or our Terms of Use.

2. Single book purchases
In the app, you have the option to purchase individual issues using your Apple or Google account. The purchased books and their contents are for personal use within the app only. Further distribution (especially for commercial purposes) is prohibited, unless there are legal exceptions. You do not acquire any exploitation rights in the edition and its contents, unless you have been explicitly granted such rights.
Your individual purchases may be made on Apple Inc. mobile devices. (here in after Apple) may be transferred to other Apple mobile devices through your Apple account and the Restore Purchases feature, in accordance with Apple's then-current policies. Apple's instructions can be found at und
Your retail purchases may be transferred to other Android-enabled mobile devices using your Google Play account on Android-enabled mobile devices using the same account.
Please note that DLG has no influence on the terms of Apple, Google Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Google) and they may change their policies at any time.
Your individual purchases are not transferable between Apple's and Google's different accounts. For example, expenses that you have purchased with your Apple account and downloaded from your Apple mobile device may not be transferred to a mobile device running the Android operating system on which you use a different account (such as Google's).

3. Availability and technical requirements
The DLG provides certain information in the application for retrieval or downloading.
DLG shall be entitled to discontinue operation of the Application in whole or in part at any time. Due to the nature of the Internet and computer systems, DLG accepts no liability for the uninterrupted availability of the application.
Using state-of-the-art and scalable server systems, we try to provide the app with the greatest possible availability of the included services. Should disturbances occur within the computer centre commissioned by us or line disturbances in the Internet (also as a result of force majeure), there shall be no claim to performance, compensation or reduction of any services rendered via In-App purchases. Temporary interruptions of operation due to the usual maintenance times, system immanent disturbances of the Internet with external network operators as well as in the case of force majeure are possible. No liability is assumed for the permanent availability of the online connection. Claims for compensation in the event of a business interruption or system failure cannot be asserted.
The user should have compatible devices and an operating system that is as up-to-date as possible (iOS and Android) so that the App can be used correctly and fully. Regular updates of your devices may also be necessary. The use of our apps also requires Internet access. This can cause costs within the scope of the usage contract of the mobile device. The DLG accepts no liability for any costs arising from possible data transmissions or damage to devices in connection with the use of DLG Apps.

4. Liability
DLG makes no warranties as to the availability, reliability, functionality or suitability of the App for your purposes. Liability shall be excluded unless mandatory liability is provided under the German Product Liability Act (*Produkthaftungsgesetz*) for wilful misconduct, gross negligence, injury to life, limb or health, failure to meet guaranteed characteristics, fraudulent concealment of a defect or breach of fundamental contractual obligations. Material contractual obligations are those obligations the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper performance of a contract and on the observance of which the contracting parties may regularly rely. Damages for breach of material contractual obligations shall be limited to the foreseeable damage typical of the contract, unless intent or gross negligence is involved.

5. Offers, advertising & links of third parties
The application contains offers of third parties (links to offers / websites) which are not within the sphere of influence of DLG. DLG exercises no control over these offers/websites, is not responsible for their content or for any information on these offers/websites and can neither assume liability for them nor be regarded as a representative or vicarious agent of the operators of these offers/websites.
DLG is therefore expressly not responsible for whether the user can make use of the advertising offers displayed in the app, whether he is granted discounts by third parties or whether he is actually granted other advantages by third parties (in particular in connection with customer loyalty programmes). Furthermore, DLG is expressly not responsible for data of users who have provided or made available users to third parties via the App.

6. Scope of application and amendments
The DLG Privacy Policy applies. The DLG is constantly working on optimising its services. Therefore, DLG reserves the right to add or remove functions and features and possibly introduce new restrictions to the services. You can stop using the App at any time. DLG reserves the right to change and adapt the terms of use. You will be informed of this in an appropriate manner.


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